Flood Control Berms - Winkler Canvas
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Flood Control Berms

Flood Control Berms are simply designed to fight water with water. They are heavy duty PVC tubes designed to be filled with water and act as a replacement for traditional sand bagging operations.  Whether you need a temporary barrier around your house or yard, or are looking to build a dike along a stream or river, these dams offer a quick effective source of protection. 
  • Fast setup with minimal man power or equipment
  • Various sizes & styles depending on requirements
  • Heavy duty PVC fabrics with high abrasion resistance
  • Interior baffling system
  • Multiple fillers & drains
  • Sleeve connectors
  • Tie-off straps & hardware for uneven terrain
  • Property flood protection
  • Water diversion
  • Water storage
  • Stream damming
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