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Tarp Straps

When you are deciding on tarp straps there are two factors to consider; how consistent is the stretch and how do they handle the cold? Our Canadian made natural rubber tarp straps are the best quality straps we have found in nearly 40 years of being in the business. Load securement and operator safety are of utmost importance and there is no room for compromise. 
  • CSA & DOT Approved
  • Canadian Made for our Colder Climate
  • Natural Rubber
  • Strong Consistent Stretch
  • Heavy Duty Metal S-Hooks
  • Case Lot Pricing Available
  • Load Securement and Tie Down
  • Tarp Tie Down
  • General All Purpose Cargo Securement
Sizes:   Available in 4'' , 6'' , 9'' , 15'' , 21'' & 30'' Lengths

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