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Floor Guard Garage Mats

Garage Mats from Winkler Canvas – the original floor guard protectant. Our Garage Mats are made with 28 oz. anti-skid vinyl coated nylon. Available in grey or beige, each garage mat comes with ¬†1″ diameter ethafoam barrier heat sealed around the perimeter. 1″ rope is also available for heavier duty applications and is available upon request. The foam barrier is designed to trap liquids and dirt, preventing them from running all over and ruining your garage floor and walls. Our material is rated from -40 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius and made to withstand the toughest environmental conditions. It is UV and mould & mildew treated to ensure a product that will supply the long lasting protection you’ve come to expect from Winkler Canvas products.


  • 28 oz. heavy duty PVC vinyl – much stronger than competitors
  • 100% water proof to provide the best protection
  • Anti-skid embossing to prevent slipping
  • Foam or rope sidewall options
  • Canadian-made for our climate and conditions
  • Resistant to sand, salt, oil, anti-freeze and road sludge
  • Easily cleaned with Shop Vac, mop, squeegee or garden hose
  • Backed by a 1 year warranty
  • A parking mat for your vehicles to keep your garage floor clean & protected
  • Great for containing mess from ATVs, snowmobiles and snow blowers
  • Keep your lawn mower & tiller on our garage mats to prevent unsightly stains on floor
  • Place gas cans and oil drums on garage mats to catch drips
Sizes Available:
  • 7′ 6” x 14′ 6”
  • 7′ 6” x 17′
  • 7′ 6” x 19′ 6”
  • 7′ 6” x 22′
  • 9′ x 19′ 6”
  • 9′ x 22′
  • Custom sizes available

We also carry Mini-Mats for smaller applications. Check out our garage mats designed for walk-behind snow blowers.


Sizes available:
  • 3′ x 4′ 6”
  • 3′ x 7′
  • 4′ 6” x 4′ 6”
  • 4′ 6” x 6′
  • 4′ 6” x 8′
  • Custom sizes available

 Floor Guard Original Garage Mats are available in-store and online. We have a large inventory and all sizes are available for immediate shipping.

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